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Struggling with rare symptoms and an undiagnosed illness can make you feel horribly lonely, continually misunderstood, and sometimes fill you with deep self doubt. Even once the MALS diagnosis is confirmed, sadly many patients still feel abandoned by clinicians who don’t understand MALS. By sharing our stories of struggle and victory we can help each other rise above the loneliness and anxiety of the uncertain. We hope you will consider sharing your story—whether you are a patient or the loved one of a patient. All stories are valid.

We will curate stories and post them in our patient stories section of this website—as a source of support and inspiration. Keep in mind that each of us is different and MALS manifests itself in idiosyncratic ways, so no MALS journey is identical. We hope, though, that reading about other journeys will help you with yours.

MALS patient story
MALS patient story
MALS patient story

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Love What Matters

‘With tears welling up in my eyes, I was only able to mutter one question: ‘But why does it hurt so much when I eat?’ Nobody answered me.’

Washington Post

Pain kept this young woman from eating for five years, and doctors didn't know why. 

Think Like a Doctor

A Terrible Stomachache

Think Like a Doctor

A Terrible Stomachache Solved!

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