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Diane R. Gilmore


Our Background

I'm the Mom. So, I'm the otherside of a MALS case. I'm the fighter of the insurance system, fighter of
"you aren't looking at the whole picture," and the fighter of "Get away from my daughter! You are
fired." I'm the scheduler of all appointments, no matter how far the road takes us. Chauffeur to those
appointments, the keeper of the "barf bags" stored in the car, and Mapquest that knows every bathroom
along the route. I'm the ambulance that can get to the ER in record time with lights flashing and horn
blaring. I'm a food critic of hospital cafeterias (Friday is prime rib day at the hospital closest :)). I know
where the blanket warmers are in the hospital. I'm the keeper of all medical recorders, and the disposer of
all medications tried and failed. I'm a chef and I prepare or buy breakfast/lunch/dinner and snacks
knowing that they may or may not be eaten or even kept down. I'm an untrained CNA, helping with
showers, making beds, cleaning up after a bad moment, getting the hot pad in just the right spot, and
trying to find the right words to ease her pain. I'm the first one to laugh at a bad situatioin, because if you
can't find a "funny "to laugh at or the tears will only keep washing you away. I'm the singer of a song that
helps carry her. I'll be whatever/who she needs me to be. But first and most important I'm the MOM.

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